What I did last week: Sustainable sportswear, organic beauty & a food waste feast

As I've had a particularly good week of sustainability and wellbeing events, I thought I'd share a little summary with you. I can't guarantee this will be the first of a new series of posts as my average weeks aren't quite so eventful, and quite frankly because I'm not sure anyone wants to know what I've… Continue reading What I did last week: Sustainable sportswear, organic beauty & a food waste feast

Are your beauty products actually organic? 

Did you know that it's Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week? The Soil Association launched this week to celebrate beauty brands that are certified organic. As it turns out, there are no legal standards for labelling beauty products as 'natural' or 'organic', so products with this label may contain few if any organic ingredients. This is misleading… Continue reading Are your beauty products actually organic? 

Give a gift that gives back this Christmas

With so much on offer, how do you choose a worthy gift for a valued friend or family member? And what can you get that you know they'll love and that aligns with your ethical and environmental values? There are plenty of sustainability-conscious brands stocking great gifts that give back; be that the profits donated… Continue reading Give a gift that gives back this Christmas

People Tree: 25 Years and Counting

People Tree, a true pioneer of Fair Trade and sustainable fashion, will celebrate its 25th birthday this year. People Tree was the first clothing company to receive the World Fair Trade Organisation Fair Trade product label. It aims to be 100% Fair Trade throughout the entire supply chain, and to support producers' efforts towards economic independence.… Continue reading People Tree: 25 Years and Counting

Eileen Fisher: No Excuses

Eileen Fisher is globally recognised as a leader in more environmentally-friendly fashion. The brand is currently considered to be 66% sustainable, but this is not enough for Eileen and the company. They want 100% sustainability and are determined to get it, no excuses. "To create a truly responsible supply chain, we need to scrutinize everything we do,… Continue reading Eileen Fisher: No Excuses

IKEA’s Better Cotton

IKEA set an ambitious target to source 100% of its cotton from Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) farmers by 2015. When you think of the world's greatest cotton consumers, IKEA may not spring to mind, but it in fact uses 0.7% of the global cotton supply! That makes the fact that IKEA now buys all of its cotton from farmers… Continue reading IKEA’s Better Cotton