Consciously curating your collection of activewear

When we think about a capsule wardrobe, we wouldn't usually include our activewear. It makes sense, I mean you wouldn't pair a neon yellow sports bra with your black tailored work trousers (or maybe you would? I guess it depends on your personal style...). But this means we often neglect to consider the sustainability of… Continue reading Consciously curating your collection of activewear

Wool week: the benefits of wool

Photo source: Pinterest  Through my writing for the ethical fashion brand BIBICO's blog, I've discovered many benefits of wool I hadn't previously known; and what better time to share these with you than national wool week?! Now of course there are some issues surrounding the raising of sheep for wool, and much of the wool… Continue reading Wool week: the benefits of wool

Smart Sustainable Sale Shopping

Now I know how tempting it is to splash out in the sales, but you have to be cautious not get carried away by the marked down price tag. Think carefully before you whack out your wallet- do you really need the item? How often will you wear/use it? Is it good quality? What conditions… Continue reading Smart Sustainable Sale Shopping

How to look stylish and be sustainable this wedding season

Photo source: Reformation The key to a stylish and sustainable wardrobe is careful and considered investment. Follow Livia Firth's #30wears rule; if you won't wear it 30 times, don't get it! Now for wedding outfits, 30 wears may seem like a lot. Say you went to 3 weddings a year, that's 10 years of weddings.… Continue reading How to look stylish and be sustainable this wedding season

Green Reviews: NobleCrowd Giveaway

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway of great eco-friendly and ethical products by signing up for a NobleCrowd account. NobleCrowd is the first crowd-buying platform dedicated to green and moral brands, helping them to reach more people and to grow. The company also wants to help you to buy better and to drive change towards more… Continue reading Green Reviews: NobleCrowd Giveaway

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for an Eco Guy

Valentine's Day is a time for you and your partner to celebrate your relationship and be happy together. It is more important you show your loved one you appreciate them with little things; like meeting them from work or cooking their favourite meal. As great as gifts can be, do you really want to fill… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for an Eco Guy

Gather&See Pop Up Shop, Peckham

Gather&See have just opened a Pop Up at Bias Boutique in Peckham. It will run for 1 month from 19th January until 21st February. The store will showcase a selection of sustainable and ethical products edited especially for the London store. Brands will include Osei Duro, Seek Collective, Blake LDN, Danielle Foster and A Peace Treaty. Gather&See are an online shop… Continue reading Gather&See Pop Up Shop, Peckham