What is an “eco” yoga mat and where can I get one?

Ever wondered what the difference between a normal yoga mat and one with an "eco"label is? Well, yoga mats are typically made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which has been found to be bad for both your body and the environment. "Eco" yoga mats, on the other hand, are usually made from a natural rubber or… Continue reading What is an “eco” yoga mat and where can I get one?

Get fit for free with Sweaty Betty

Photo source: Rosh etc When thinking about sustainable brands, Sweaty Betty may not immediately spring to mind, but they are really great when it comes to social sustainability. They provide quick, easy and free access to top trainers and class instructors through their collection of online fitness videos and in-store classes. And, this January they've… Continue reading Get fit for free with Sweaty Betty

Wool week: the benefits of wool

Photo source: Pinterest  Through my writing for the ethical fashion brand BIBICO's blog, I've discovered many benefits of wool I hadn't previously known; and what better time to share these with you than national wool week?! Now of course there are some issues surrounding the raising of sheep for wool, and much of the wool… Continue reading Wool week: the benefits of wool

How to look stylish and be sustainable this wedding season

Photo source: Reformation The key to a stylish and sustainable wardrobe is careful and considered investment. Follow Livia Firth's #30wears rule; if you won't wear it 30 times, don't get it! Now for wedding outfits, 30 wears may seem like a lot. Say you went to 3 weddings a year, that's 10 years of weddings.… Continue reading How to look stylish and be sustainable this wedding season

Green Reviews: NobleCrowd Giveaway

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway of great eco-friendly and ethical products by signing up for a NobleCrowd account. NobleCrowd is the first crowd-buying platform dedicated to green and moral brands, helping them to reach more people and to grow. The company also wants to help you to buy better and to drive change towards more… Continue reading Green Reviews: NobleCrowd Giveaway

10 Eco Essentials for a Classic Capsule Wardrobe

Photo Credit: Everlane The key to a stylish and sustainable wardrobe is having a selection of carefully chosen, mindfully-made essentials. A classic capsule wardrobe allows you to mix and match timeless pieces that never go out of fashion. Spend a bit of more on durable items that fit well and will last you a life… Continue reading 10 Eco Essentials for a Classic Capsule Wardrobe

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for an Eco Girl

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show your loved one how much they mean to you and treat them to something special. There a variety of different gifts you could go for, so remember to be careful and only select something your girl actually needs. Get her a gift that gives back this year;… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for an Eco Girl