Consciously curating your collection of activewear

When we think about a capsule wardrobe, we wouldn't usually include our activewear. It makes sense, I mean you wouldn't pair a neon yellow sports bra with your black tailored work trousers (or maybe you would? I guess it depends on your personal style...). But this means we often neglect to consider the sustainability of… Continue reading Consciously curating your collection of activewear

Give a gift that gives back this Christmas

With so much on offer, how do you choose a worthy gift for a valued friend or family member? And what can you get that you know they'll love and that aligns with your ethical and environmental values? There are plenty of sustainability-conscious brands stocking great gifts that give back; be that the profits donated… Continue reading Give a gift that gives back this Christmas

Wool week: the benefits of wool

Photo source: Pinterest  Through my writing for the ethical fashion brand BIBICO's blog, I've discovered many benefits of wool I hadn't previously known; and what better time to share these with you than national wool week?! Now of course there are some issues surrounding the raising of sheep for wool, and much of the wool… Continue reading Wool week: the benefits of wool

Louisa Slade: Jewellery Repurposing

Louisa Slade repurposes and revives precious jewellery to sustain sentimental value and give your piece a new life. She masterfully adapts old-fashioned, damaged or disliked jewellery into unique items you’ll love. Repurposing jewellery is a great way to avoid neglecting gifts and create something personal. It also helps to reduce unnecessary waste by making use… Continue reading Louisa Slade: Jewellery Repurposing

Eco-Friendly Business Cards for the Perfect First Impression

Business cards are a great way to get yourself or your business out there- but producing the paper can be very resource intensive. So how can an eco-conscious individual get the best business cards whilst caring for our planet? Firstly, you need to think carefully about the design and the details you display. Getting the… Continue reading Eco-Friendly Business Cards for the Perfect First Impression

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for an Eco Guy

Valentine's Day is a time for you and your partner to celebrate your relationship and be happy together. It is more important you show your loved one you appreciate them with little things; like meeting them from work or cooking their favourite meal. As great as gifts can be, do you really want to fill… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for an Eco Guy

Vegan Alternatives to Popular Leather Bags

Matt & Nat offer a wide range of beautifully crafted vegan bags and accessories in all shapes and sizes. The creators were inspired by MAT(T)erial and NATure, and exploring the synergy between the two. Their moto, Live beautifully, refers to their appreciation of the humanity, creativity and positivity found in all of us. Matt & Nat… Continue reading Vegan Alternatives to Popular Leather Bags