Consciously curating your collection of activewear

When we think about a capsule wardrobe, we wouldn't usually include our activewear. It makes sense, I mean you wouldn't pair a neon yellow sports bra with your black tailored work trousers (or maybe you would? I guess it depends on your personal style...). But this means we often neglect to consider the sustainability of… Continue reading Consciously curating your collection of activewear

Maximising your outfit choices whilst minimising your wardrobe

During the sales more than ever it's important to focus on sustainable shopping practices. There may be many 'bargains' on offer, but more unnecessary clutter not only fills your home with things you don't need, but your mind too. It takes women an average of 17 minutes every day to decide what they're going to… Continue reading Maximising your outfit choices whilst minimising your wardrobe

10 Eco Essentials for a Classic Capsule Wardrobe

Photo Credit: Everlane The key to a stylish and sustainable wardrobe is having a selection of carefully chosen, mindfully-made essentials. A classic capsule wardrobe allows you to mix and match timeless pieces that never go out of fashion. Spend a bit of more on durable items that fit well and will last you a life… Continue reading 10 Eco Essentials for a Classic Capsule Wardrobe

M&S: The Workwear Edit

Photo Credit: M&S Whether you're starting a new job or want to start the new year with a smarter style, ensuring you have a capsule workwear wardrobe is essential for minimising the morning 'what do I wear?!' stress. Start by looking through you closet to see what you already have. If there are clothes you… Continue reading M&S: The Workwear Edit