What I did last week: Sustainable sportswear, organic beauty & a food waste feast

As I've had a particularly good week of sustainability and wellbeing events, I thought I'd share a little summary with you. I can't guarantee this will be the first of a new series of posts as my average weeks aren't quite so eventful, and quite frankly because I'm not sure anyone wants to know what I've… Continue reading What I did last week: Sustainable sportswear, organic beauty & a food waste feast

Smart Sustainable Sale Shopping

Now I know how tempting it is to splash out in the sales, but you have to be cautious not get carried away by the marked down price tag. Think carefully before you whack out your wallet- do you really need the item? How often will you wear/use it? Is it good quality? What conditions… Continue reading Smart Sustainable Sale Shopping

Fashion Revolution Week: What is it and what’s on in London?

  On 24 April 2013, 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured when the Rana Plaza complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This building collapsed despite many workers point out cracks in walls to their managers weeks before. Fashion Revolution was born to raise awareness of disasters like Rana Plaza and to catalyze action to transform the fashion… Continue reading Fashion Revolution Week: What is it and what’s on in London?

DIY Valentine’s Day

Photo Credit: Lola Emily Make this Valentine's Day a personal one by crafting your loved one a special gift yourself. Don't go crazy trying to find the perfect gift for someone that has everything they need. Instead, make them something they will use, that shows you know them, and that you will put in a lot of… Continue reading DIY Valentine’s Day

Veganise Your Pancake Day

Photo credit: Gourmandelle Vegan pancakes? They're much easier than you might've thought, and delicious too! Plus, a vegan diet has been found to emit 2.5 times less greenhouse gases, requires less water and space, and is ultimately more sustainable with a growing population (read more). So don't miss out on the flipping fun this Shrove… Continue reading Veganise Your Pancake Day

Gather&See Pop Up Shop, Peckham

Gather&See have just opened a Pop Up at Bias Boutique in Peckham. It will run for 1 month from 19th January until 21st February. The store will showcase a selection of sustainable and ethical products edited especially for the London store. Brands will include Osei Duro, Seek Collective, Blake LDN, Danielle Foster and A Peace Treaty. Gather&See are an online shop… Continue reading Gather&See Pop Up Shop, Peckham

Sustainability at Selfridges: Bright New Things

Selfridges has partnered with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion on a new project, Bright New Things, to promote and support British designers focused on operating in an environmentally-friendly manner. The project launched yesterday (7th January) and will run through to March. Selfridges will be hosting a series of events to discuss the relationship between retail and ecology. The six… Continue reading Sustainability at Selfridges: Bright New Things