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I’m Zara, a sustainability consultant and freelance ballet barre instructor.  Sustainably Styled is my minimalist lifestyle blog where I post a mixture of cool brand discoveries and conscious living tips, as well as my latest fitness class events.

I started this blog as I became increasingly interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle and wanted to chronicle what I was learning; motivating myself to live and consume in a more mindful manner. As I began teaching barre in 2016, I have focused more on the fitness and wellness industries, searching for companies that think about not only the user’s health, but the health of the people throughout their supply chain and the environments in which they operate. Though as there is more to life than exercise, you will still see the odd post about my new favourite slow fashion brands, charity shop steals or veggie restaurant dinners!

I hope you enjoy reading what I get up to and feel inspired to seek out brands that do it better!

Zara x